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FuGO Workshop Days 2-3

Ever since Monday (Day 1), there has been change afoot in the secret depths of the FuGO workshop. Not only were the discussions stimulating (as my previous post indicated), but there were ideas of redefinitions and term shuffling that grew, and then grew again during the evening of beer and revelry at the Red Lion Hinxton. Days 2 and 3 continued in this vein, and while I am being deliberately obtuse in order to tantalize the reader with our goings-ons, there was the smell of change in the air (and luckily, in this low-30s heat wave for Britain, that was all – our meeting room is one of the few in the entirety of the EBI where 15+ people can sit in air-conditioned comfort).

I think we are all starting to feel comfortable about where FuGO is headed, and while there was probably a little “analysis paralysis” (a term which Chris was the first, but not the last, to gently use at this meeting), the top-level decisions that need to be made at this stage do require serious discussion, and I believe the balance was about right. Everyone was contributing, and the daily (local to the workshop) update of the OWL file looked significantly different after yesterday’s changes. I shall wait to comment on any specifics until everything is up on the FuGO website, but I look forward with interest to the final day of discussion, and will probably have a sufficently tired brain that the talks on upcoming FuGO tools on Friday will be a balm.

By Allyson Lister

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