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Polish scientists fight creationism

As Nature reported on the 26th of October this year in the article of the same title as this entry, Polish scientists have released a letter of protest against their deputy education minister Mirosl strokeaw Orzechowski, who has stated that “the theory of evolution is a lie”. Orzechowski is a creationist and a member of the ultra-right-wing LPR party. Fellow party member Maciej Giertych is, according to Nature, “lobbying for obligatory inclusion of creationism in Polish biology curricula”. Fortunately, neither the general scientific population nor Poland’s minister of science agrees with this minister’s views, and the scientists who wrote the letter hope that their quick action will prevent lasting damage to the educational system.

It is not about what they believe — it is about them attempting to force that belief onto the science curriculum. Hopefully, the scientists and their open letter will win the day.

By Allyson Lister

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