Newcastle University Technical Report: CISBAN DPI

A Technical Report for the School of Computing Science of Newcastle University was released last month describing the CISBAN DPI, an implementation of the FuGE Milestone 3 STK. You can find and download that technical report here:

The Abstract follows:

The Centre for Integrated Systems Biology of Ageing and Nutrition has
developed a Data Portal and Integrator (CISBAN DPI) that is based on
the FuGE Object Model and which archives, stores, and retrieves raw
high-throughput data. Until now, few published systems have
successfully integrated multiple omics data types and information about
experiments in a single database. The CISBAN DPI is the first published
implementation of FuGE that includes a database back-end, expert and
standard interfaces, and utilizes a Life Science Identifier (LSID)
Resolution and Assigning service to identify objects and provide
programmatic access to the database. Having a central data
repository prevents deletion, loss, or accidental modification of
primary data, while giving convenient access to the data for
publication and analysis. It also provides a central location for
storage of metadata for the high-throughput data sets, and will
facilitate subsequent data integration strategies.


Functional Genomics, High-Throughput
Experiments, FuGE, LSID, Experimental Workflows, Databases, Data
Standards, Data Sharing, Metadata, Data Integration.

CS-TR: 1016 Implementing the FuGE Object Model: a Systems Biology Data Portal and Integrator
Lister, A. L., Jones, A. R., Pocock, M., Shaw, O., Wipat, A.
School of Computing Science, Newcastle University, Apr 2007

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