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News Roundup: New Drug, New Find, New Toy, New Size, New Wonders

Recently there has been a lot of interesting things reported in the news. Below are a few items that I have found particularly interesting:

  • New Candidate Drug for Bipolar Disorder: All about a potential replacement for more traditional drugs such as lithium.
  • Extremely well-preserved 0,000-year-old Infant Mammoth found in Siberia. By a reindeer herder, no less. The picture provided is truly astonishing.
  • A USB typing-speed indicator light has been developed by a Japanese company and is on sale now. You can have a typing race with your friends! The Reg says that it's not for sale in Europe or the US yet, though. Shame.
  • The earth is believed to be 2.5 millimeters smaller in diameter than previously thought. Fantastic!
  • The "new" seven wonders of the world have been announced. I have to say that I'm quite disappointed, as the "new" only truly applies to the list, and not the wonders. 3 of the 7 wonders were built during the time the Ancient Greeks were (conceivably) around, and only one of those (the great wall of China) might have been unknown to them. Also, some of the countries that have these wonders were unhappy about their inclusion in the new list. It's all explained in the National Geographic article linked above.

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