CISB07 – Day 2

Tuesday, 20 November was the final day of the joint-CISB meeting. Again, due to the possible sensitivity of the talks, unfortunately I cannot post my notes as I normally do. For the first day, I was able to present my notes on one of the keynote speakers, but I cannot do so today.

However, while there were no more gos on the Crazy Motion Fun Ride (theme: Haunted House) as there were the night before, I do think everyone enjoyed the event. The most important thing I drew away from it was a true idea of the size of people doing systems biology research in the UK. There may be many more who do not profess a specialty in SB (but who are, in any case, working in that field), and indeed the 6 CISBs and the new SABR grantees are hardly the total sum of SB researchers in the country, but the fact remains that the close to 150 people who attended a 2-day internal meeting gives you an idea of the interest such a field has to the biological community.

Not only that, but it seems that everyone had a clear understanding of why data, ontology, and minimal information reporting standards (put them together and what do you have? RSBI!) are so relevant to their work. Systems biology produces data in so many different forms that it just makes sense to ensure that others can understand all of it.

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