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An article from the website announcing the website appeared today in my RSS reader. I'd had a look on the BPR3 website the other day and thought it a good idea to have some way of marking those posts of mine specifically dealing with peer-reviewed research. Well, now provides a citation-composer on their website to make adding the BPR3 logo to your blog even easier: just put in your DOI, and then the code to embed in your blog for both the appropriately-formatted citation and the logo itself magically appear. I'll post my first BPR3-identified post shortly, and you'll see that Vox doesn't render the embedded code exactly correctly, but it's a start. There's no RSS feed on yet, but it's a must, and they do say that one is in the works.

For those that haven't heard of this, here's a summary from their website:

"Do you like to read about new developments in science and other fields?
Are you tired of "science by press release"? BPR3 is your place. BPR3
allows readers to easily find blog posts about serious peer-reviewed
research, instead of just news reports and press releases. We provide
bloggers with an icon they can use to show when they're talking about a peer-reviewed work that they've read and analyzed closely."

How do others feel about this idea? There are already a number of posts (here, here, here, and here, just to name a few). I like it 🙂 The fact that everyone writing about a paper will be using a similar citation display might mean its easier to find other people that have opinions on a particular research topic. But perhaps you think it is too much classification, or that we shouldn't try to judge the "quality" of various posts. After all, though you can report people misusing the logo, just having it isn't a mark of the seriousness or quality of a paper, or of the seriousness or quality of the person writing about the paper 😉

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