MGED Meeting: Welcome and Introduction

Welcome and Introduction: Chris Stoeckert and Cesare Furlanello

Chris began with a brief introduction to MGED (the Microarray and Gene Expression Data Society), begun in 1999. However, these days, microarrays are only one technology that they're interested in. They've now broadened the scope of MGED into other areas than just gene expression. The purpose of meetings like this is to showcase cutting-edge work and promote standards efforts.

The society is composed of biologists, computer scientists, and data analysts. The goals of MGED include keeping up with advances in technology, provide and promote software using standards, coordinate with other standards groups, and continue to provide exciting and useful meetings. For more information, see the MGED website.

The local organisers of this meeting is the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK), which is a private research organization.

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