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Thomas Nowotny and Pheromones in Moths, BBSRC Systems Biology Workshop

BBSRC Systems Biology Grantholder Workshop, University of Nottingham, 16 December 2008.

Sensitivity, specificity and ration coding: riddles of the pheromone system in moths. PheroSys project – the neurosciences face the same problem as others in biology, which could be solved by systems biology. Their model for pheromone reaction goes from Antenna -> Antennal Lobe -> mushroom body (involved in recognition and loading) -> pre-motor areas. Can we find the optimal coding strategies? Moths have an extreme specificity and sensitivity to these pheromones.

There are three Work packages. WP1 (Antenna inputs into AL) includes: single olfactory receptor neuron (ORN), which models ORN responses based on cellular processes; population of pheromone-responsive ORNs, where the aim is to describe response patterns of ORNs and correlate with PNs (projector neurons, which have access to many, if not all, of the receptor neurons (RNs)); projection of ORNs and macro-glomerular complex (MGC) organizations, where the aim is to describe the structure of the MGC. WP2 (organization and function of one glomerulus) includes: neuron types and their structure-function relationship – describe electrical properties, characterise projectoin neurons and local interneurons. WP3 (MGC network) includes: investigating the role of oscillations and extracellular recordings in Agrotis ipsilon (multi-neuron correlations).

These notes were transcribed from hand-written ones as my battery had died, therefore they aren't as complete as they would otherwise be.

These are just my notes and are not guaranteed to be correct. Please feel free to let me know about any errors, which are all my fault and not the fault of the speaker. 🙂

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