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Title change?

I’m horrible with title creation: I can never think of a good title for papers, projects, etc. Any sort of naming just causes me problems, hence the completely boring name of this blog (Systems Biology & Bioinformatics). But I’ve been trying to think of a good, more permanent, blog name, and I think I’ve found one. However, I’m quite nervous that, even after my google search, I may find out that this was a horrible name after all, so I’ve gone quite tentative and am currently road-testing the new name by putting parentheses around it. The new name could be “Semantically Speaking”, and I’d like to know what others think. It won’t change how I post, just the main name. I’ll retain the SBB part in the sub-title, together with the keywords already present. There is already one blog with this name, but it’s two years since the owner’s made a post, and it isn’t in the same topic area. The other google results are mainly about individual articles, and not websites of the same name.

So, here’s your chance – would you like to help name a blog? Do you agree/disagree that this is a good name? I need your help! 🙂

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