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SBML Hackathon 2009: Finished

The SBML Hackathon was a really interesting experience for me. I haven't had much time to collect my thoughts, as we've gone straight on to the next phase: the BioModels Workshop or, for some, the trip home.

This was my first Hackathon, and I found the environment conducive to work and the discussions very interesting. You can follow what's being said and has been said about sbml on the #sbml thread on Twitter, too. There were breakouts, discussions, informal talks, posters, competitions and of course the hacking.

It was a really efficient way of finding out the large amount of interesting research and software development happening in the SBML community. I also met a lot of people who previously have only been names on emails. Further, I think many of us have found the beginnings of interesting collaborations, too.

Despite the hail and the rain today, I think the BioModels workshop will be just as interesting, though the format is slightly different. Here's to the next 2.5 days!

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