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From WordPress to Vox and back again

From 2007 – April 2009 I have been posting on Vox, but have found it unacceptable for a number of reasons, and have come back to WordPress. Vox doesn’t allow proper analytics of the pages, and doesn’t allow proper trackbacks, and has problems with embedding any javascript or other code.

All posts from that time are still on Vox, but I won’t be adding any new posts there from now on. I used this tool to convert the RSS feed from Vox (which doesn’t include comments, unfortunately) into Moveable Type. From there, I could import the posts directly into wordpress. I know this means that the posts originally from Vox will be present in two locations, but I thought it best that my “active” blog contains an entire history. Some notes about the conversion process.

  1. Comments have not been copied.
  2. Tags are, by default, copied as Categories. However, the very useful “Category to Tags” converter within WordPress was very useful for this.

So, please visit me here rather than at Vox from now on – Thanks!

By Allyson Lister

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