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“Blogging is Hard” Day: Repost of 2006 FuGO Workshop Day 1

According to the rules set down by Greg Laden over at Science Blogs, I have had a trawl through the blasts from the pasts that was my 18 months or older blog posts to find one that is “exactly in lie [sic] with the writing or research in which they are currently engaged”. I thought about my Visiting With Enigma post, which has a special place in my heart, but didn’t choose it in the end as it didn’t have anything to do with my current research. Instead, I ended up choosing my very first post on WordPress: FuGO Workshop Day 1. It may not sound like much, but there are a number of things recommending this particular post.

  1. FuGO was the original name for the OBI project, of which I’m still a part and therefore it fits with the requirement that I still am involved.
  2. This was my first introduction to ontologies, and happened just as I was leaving one job (at the EBI) and starting a new one (at CISBAN). Such an important change deserves another mention.
  3. I notice an earlier incarnation of my “be sensible” statement in this post, where I say that I learned from Richard Scheuerman that it is always a good idea to use “only those fields which would be of most use to the biologist, rather than those that would make us bioinformaticians most happy”.
  4. FuGO wasn’t the only thing that has since undergone a name change. This post also contained information about the “new” MIcheck registry of minimal checklists: this has continued to gain in popularity, and is now MIBBI.
  5. Just last week at the CBO workshop, and again in a short discussion on FriendFeed that led to longer real-life conversations (Phillip Lord’s paper that deals with this topic), there was a long discussion at the FuGO workshop about Multiple versus Single inheritance in ontologies. This was also my first introduction to Robert Stevens and Barry Smith, who both took center stage in the MI/SI discussion. Listening to Barry and Robert speak was really informative and interesting and fun!

What a fantastic day that was: a crash course in ontology development and best-practices, as well as introductions to some of the most well-known people in the biological / biomedical ontology world. In many ways, those first few days of my current job / last few days of my old job shaped where I am now.

Read that entire post, and Happy Blogging is Hard Day! Thanks to Greg Laden for the great idea.

By Allyson Lister

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