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Review of OBO Foundry Principles at the OBO Foundry Workshop 2009

After the recent posts (listed here) in the lead-up to the OBO Foundry workshop, Duncan Hull, Melanie Courtot, and Frank Gibson led a discussion about the current state of the OBO Foundry principles yesterday.

The results of the discussion can be found on the OBO Foundry Wiki page.  It looks like there was a really positive outcome for this section of the workshop, with a lot of good points being raised. I encourage you all to go to this page, and then scroll down to the section entitled “Review of OBO Foundry Principle – Duncan Hull, Frank Gibson, Melanie Courtot”.

Thanks to Susanna-Assunta Sansone for taking the fabulous notes for both days!

By Allyson Lister

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2 replies on “Review of OBO Foundry Principles at the OBO Foundry Workshop 2009”

Hi Ally, thanks for blogging this, Susanna wrote some extensive notes (and the slides should be online soon too). I don’t mind admitting it was pretty scary getting up in front of Suzi Lewis, Chris Mungall and Barry Smith and talking about OWL vs. OBO – its a touchy subject. But they responded to our critique very positively and took on board what us Young Guns (with blogs) were saying.

Glad that it went so well – that’s certainly how it seemed from Susanna’s notes. I’ve read the notes for both days, and it certainly seems like a lot was done. Glad us bloggers could help! Looking forward to similar notes on the OBI workshop 🙂

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