BioExtract Server (ISMB DAM SIG 2009)

Carol Lushbough, University of South Dakota

The BioExtract server allows querying, export, saving data extracts, apply analytic tools, saving and executing workflows, etc. User queries can be constructed around a Web UI. The data source implementation includes web services representing data sources, relational database, and apache lucene data extracts. They use DTDs to describe a flat-file format.

We were then taken through the use of BioExtract via a screenshot-based demo. Because of that, I didn’t get as many notes as I normally otherwise would.

FriendFeed discussion:

Please note that this post is merely my notes on the presentation. They are not guaranteed to be correct, and unless explicitly stated are not my opinions. They do not reflect the opinions of my employers. Any errors you can happily assume to be mine and no-one else’s. I’m happy to correct any errors you may spot – just let me know!


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