…Open binary file formats for large-scale data management, aka Toward Scalable Bioinformatics infrastructures

Mark Welsh,

Measuring gene expression is much easier these days. HDF = hierarchical data format. HDF5 is a model and file format for large complex data. Complexity limits scale and productivity, as data are unstructured with no consistent data model. Also, there’s a tendency to solve problems using redundant data processing with incremental processing with data filtering at each stage. If you have a new question, you often have to re-run the steps. This makes getting answers difficult, and comparing between samples hard. They want a scalable system with smooth user interefaces, among other things. Hence the BioHDF project, which aims to deliver core tools to the community and to get feedback.

Benefits include: separates the model, implementation and view of the data; combines data from multiple samples; compression and chunking; rapid prototyping env.; significant reduction in dev. time; approach ngs analysis differently.

He has a bagful of thumb drives with the HDF software pre-loaded. good idea!

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