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BFO/DOLCE Primitive Relation Comparison (ISMB Bio-Ont SIG 2009)

A. Patrice Seyed

BFO is built for ontologies of sciences. BFO and RO are used in the OBO Foundry. DOLCE was built by Guarino. BFO Continuant/Endurant is synonymous with DOLCE’s Endurant/Perdurant(/Quality/Abstract are also included). For specific dependence, a dependent continuant ‘inheres in’ an independent continuant (relationship between particular and type). Specialized dependence relations are ‘quality of’, ‘function of’, and ‘role of’. In DOLCE, a quality can be a ‘quality of’ another quality, endurant or perdurant. There are still some questions over when to use function or role, as identified by a number of talks at today’s SIG. And from a BFO perspective, qualities only inhere in independent continuants.

The constitutes relation. X constitutes Y when there are properties of X which are accidental to X but essential to Y. BFO does not include consititution, but it does have ‘role of’, which is the closest it has. They want to find a way to continue to merge, and figure out how to integrate a conceptualist-centric ULO with a realist-centric ULO.

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