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TT13: Reflect: Augmented Browsing for the Life Scientist (ISMB 2009)

Sean O’Donoghue

A pragmatic approach to web semantics. What/can end-users do? Wait for all publishers to tag content? Systematically tag all of it? With all features users would like? We can wait for this SW to appear, or we can help make it happen. They use two ideas to make it happen: augmented browsing and real-time tagging. The primary design decision is that it should be easy to install and fast to use. By using Reflect, all they have to do is press one button: put a url into a field and then press Enter. Then the server will serve a tagged version of that page. Alternatively, you can download a plugin for Firefox and IE.

Allyson says: missed a large part of the end of this talk due to FF failing part way through and I tried to get a workaround going.

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