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TT42: Computational Biology in the cloud, towards a federative and collaborative R-based platform (ISMB 2009)

Eamonn Maguire talking on behalf of Karim Chine

BIOCEP-R with advanced graphics – more than with regular R. Is a universal platform for scientific and statstical computing to create an open, federative and collaborative enironment for the production, sharing, and reuse of all the artifacts of computing. Puts new analyitcal, numerical and processing capabilities in the hands of everyone (open science). BIOCEP is a Java app built on top of R and Scilab: anything that you can do within those environments is accessible through BIOCEP. It has a RESTful API.

The BIOCEP computational open platform ecosystem: computational data sources, resources, components, GUIs, web services and scripts. The R Virtualization is like a mini-desktop – virtual R workbench. There is also a plugin repository, including GUI plugins. Firefox plugin called ElasticFox.

Here comes another demo – so fewer notes now… (but FriendFeed is made for this sort of thing, so look there – link below) 🙂 But the R console looks much easier to use the trying to use R on its own, with your own data only. The web services part means you can use BIOCEP to connect to a cloud instance.

FriendFeed Discussion

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