How can BioSharing help you? Give us 5 minutes and have your say!

BioSharing Enhancements Questionnaire:

Recently, I asked the opinions of the BioSharing Advisory Board and RDA Working Group members about how BioSharing is perceived and how they envision its use. The set of responses has helped the BioSharing team create a questionnaire whose purpose is to let us know which enhancements they find most important. Now it’s time to ask the wider life sciences community which of those enhancements should have the highest priority. Please take a look at our questionnaire and let us know what features you’d like to see on BioSharing.

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As described on our site, BioSharing works to map the landscape of community developed standards in the life sciences, broadly covering biological, natural and biomedical sciences. BioSharing‘s goal is to ensure standards are informative and discoverable, monitoring their:

  • development, evolution and integration;
  • implementation and use in databases; and
  • adoption in data policies by funders and journals.

BioSharing works to serve those seeking information on the existing standards, identify areas where duplications or gaps in coverage exist and promote harmonization to stop wasteful reinvention, and developing criteria to be used in evaluating standards for adoption.

We would like your input as to which features we add first. Please take 5-10 minutes to answer our questionnaire, as the more responses we get, the more useful the questionnaire becomes. Your answers will help us prioritize our improvements to BioSharing’s capabilities in a way most appropriate to your needs.

BioSharing Enhancements Questionnaire:


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