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Reloaded…Again…Again, or Memories of ISMBs Past

Who out there remembers ISMB 2009? If, like me, you need a refresher then take a look at the ISMB 2009 Summary and Highlights article that I wrote at the end of it. We all enjoyed Sweden, and had a lot of fun. Due to an increase in my family size by two over the intervening years, and a concomitant switch to part-time work, I haven’t been back to an ISMB since. Shocking, I know! I love conferences, and hope to start going again soon, but until then, take a good long look at my badge-based blast from the past, pictured on the right.

Were you carbon based or silicon based? Do you still have your badge? Please let me know!
Were you carbon based or silicon based? Do you still have your badge? Please let me know!

Now, I’m pretty sure that this badge came from the conference party at ISMB 2009. Please can someone confirm this though, as clearly 2009 is a Very Long Time Ago.

…Anyway, at least I remember the party! As we came in, we were each given a pair of sunglasses and had to choose a badge. Carbon-based badges were for people who had studied the life sciences before they came to bioinformatics, and silicon-based badges were for those with a Computing Science background. I chose carbon based as my undergraduate work was in Biology, although all subsequent study was in bioinformatics.

Anyone remember ISMB 2009 and have any experiences they’d like to share, especially with regards to this badge? Were there better parties at other conferences? I’m pretty sure Tainted Love came up at one point while a large proportion of the delegates were dancing. But then, I may be confusing my conferences. Hmmm, must take notes on more than just the lectures next time!

By Allyson Lister

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2 replies on “Reloaded…Again…Again, or Memories of ISMBs Past”

ISMB 2009 was great. I joined only part of it after a week at a Nobel symposium. Was very glad to see that almost 1/3 of posters were about networks/pathways/models. Unfortunately this changed. So I am attempting to create an ISCB COSI on systems modeling (and the associated SIG). Parties were not limited to the conference. Weather was scorching and I fondly remember the ice bar and its vodka served in … ice glasses.

Yes, the Ice Bar was fantastic – I went with Simon Mercer 🙂 I’m sorry to hear that the number of networks/pathways/models represented in ISMB has dropped. Hopefully the COSI will happen, sounds like a good idea. Thanks for adding your memories of ISMB 2009 Nicolas!

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