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UKON 2016 Short Talks IX

These are my notes for the ninth session of talks at the UK Ontology Network Meeting on 14 April, 2016.

Source 14 April 2016

Aligning and MErging Ontology in Al-Quran Domain
Mohammad Alqahtani, Eric Atwell

Speaker wasn’t available.

A formal ontological model of creativity for supporting and sharing creative insights of ‘digital living artifacts’
Patricia Charlton

Part of MC Squared, a project combining mathematics and creativity. They defined creativity via 5 concepts: elaboration, fluency, flexibility, originality, usefulness. The first three are what you find in the process, but the last two are what you find in the product/result.

They worked with the people who were making the resources for the students, and found out what terminology and processes they use (the learning pathway). Then ontology concepts were created and fed back to the original group until the ontology was finished. This work was then added back into the MC Squared project.

The BioSharing Registry: connecting data standards, policies and databases in the life sciences
Allyson Lister, Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran, Eamonn Maguire, Peter McQuilton, Philippe Rocca-Serra, Milo Thurston, Susanna-Assunta Sansone

This is my talk, and therefore I couldn’t take any notes! But you can find us on

Please note that this post is merely my notes on the presentation. I may have made mistakes: these notes are not guaranteed to be correct. Unless explicitly stated, they represent neither my opinions nor the opinions of my employers. Any errors you can assume to be mine and not the speaker’s. I’m happy to correct any errors you may spot – just let me know!

By Allyson Lister

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