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The NormSys registry for modeling standards in systems and synthetic biology


Martin Golebiewski . NormSys covers the COMBINE standards, but they have plans to extend it to further modelling standards. Each standard has multiple versions/levels, and trying to figure out which standard you need to use can be tricky. Normsys provides a summary of each standard as well as a matrix summarizing each of the biological applications that are relevant in this community. Each standard has a detailed listing of what it supports and what it doesn’t with respect to annotation, supported math, unit support, multiscale models, and more.

There are also links to the specification and webpage for the standard as well as publications and model repository records. They also have information on how a given standard may be transformed into other standards. Information on related software is also available. Additional matrices describe what formats are available as input and output wrt format transformation.

NormSys is an information resource for community standards in systems biology. It provides a comparison of their main characteristics and features, and classifies them by fields of application (with examples). Transformation between standards is available, as well as bundled links to corresponding web resources, direct links to validation tools, and faceted browsing for searching with different criteria. The initial focus is on commonly-used standards (e.g. COMBINE) and related efforts.

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