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BioSharing and M3 Special Interest Group at ISMB 2010

Last year, I attended ISMB 2009 in Stockholm. Prior to the main ISMB conference, there were a number of Special Interest Groups, which are a little like mini-conferences lasting 1-2 days. I really enjoyed going to a number of these SIGs, and they were one of the highlights of the conference. I even presented a paper at one of them.

Last year also saw the first M3 SIG. This year they’re expanding the scope of this year’s SIG, including sessions on data sharing and standards in biology, and highlights the BioSharing community, and those interested in open data and data standards. Further, during this SIG, the organisers:

…aim to launch the BioSharing forum, as discussed at M3 2009 to enable a broader dialogue among funders, journals, standards developers, technology developers and researchers on the critical issue of data sharing within the metagenomics community and beyond. (source)

Although I will not be able to attend ISMB or the SIGs this year, I highly recommend attending this SIG, and the conference in general. For more information, please see the BioSharing post advertising the SIG.