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De novo DNA Synthesis using Single Molecule PCR (BioSysBio 2009)

T Ben Yehezkel et al.
Weizmann Institute of Science

When looking at the number of clones needed to sequenced in order to get one error-free molecule, the proportion of perfect molecules decrease exponentially with length. They have an error-correction system that has drastically improved this situation. They don't look for an error-free clone: they look at all of them, and the error-free ones are dispersed randomly among the clones. They PCR'ed out the error-free parts – they get an error-free sequence from looking at low-error clones. But still, cloning is a major bottleneck. So, how will in vitro clonal amplification make lives easier? In contrast with in vivo, it scales well, it automates well, it is 3-4 hours rather than 1-2 days, and it costs much less.

smPCR can integrate into recursive and other construction technologies. However, there are a few challenges. For instance, primer selection is crucial in smPCR. They construct the DNA completely automatically.

Personal Comment: The video of the automatic dna construction was a great addition to the talk.

Wednesday Session 3

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