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TT47: Semantic Data Integration for Systems Biology Research (ISMB 2009)

Chris Rawlings, Also speaking: Catherine Canevet and Paul Fisher

BBSRC-funded research collaboration in Newcastle, Manchester, and Rothamsted : ONDEX and Taverna. Demo: Integration and augmentation of yeast metabolome model (Nature Biotech October 2008 26(10). Presented: Taverna and ONDEX. In ONDEX, everything can be seen as a network. To help with this, ONDEX contains an ontology of concept classes, relation types, and additional properties. Their example is yeast jamboree data integration. They have both specific (e.g. KEGG) and generic (e.g. tab delimited) parsers to load in data.

When ONDEX works with Taverna, instead of using the pipeline manager you use the ONDEX web services and access ONDEX from Taverna. This means you can use Taverna to pull in data into ONDEX. So, first parse jamboree data into ONDEX and remove currency metabolites (e.g. ATP, NAD). Add publications to the graph, from which domain experts can view and manually curate that data. Finally, annotate the graph using network analysis results. Then switch to taverna and identify orphans discovered in ONDEX. Retrieve the enzymes relating to the orphans and assemble the PubMed query and then add hits back to the ONDEX graph. Finally, have a look at the completed visualization. Use the ONDEX pipeline manager to upload data – it’s all in a GUI, which is good.

Then followed a live demo.


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