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The excitement of being mentioned in a podcast

Another first for me – one of my posts has been mentioned in a podcast! It made me grin – it was a lovely surprise!

My thanks go out to Deepak and Hari on the Coast to Coast podcast as well as Chris Lasher: the former two guys for mentioning my blog post about my day talking to kids at a local school in their 4th installment of their podcast, and the latter for letting the C2C pair know about it via delicious links (you can add to the C2C bookmarks by adding the for:c2cbio tag, as you can see in the Coast to Coast Podcast's Delicious page). In fact, Hari mentioned that the post was quite timely for him, as it helped him in making his slides for a school in Massachusetts: I'm glad that my experience helped you out! Deepak also mentioned that he wanted to try to talk to high schoolers (before they get into the university "publish or perish" system) to educate them on the growing importance of "Big Data" management, and social networks in the sciences as additions to the traditional publishing routes. I think that's a fantastic idea.

This 4th installment covers a lot of other interesting topics, including the Galaxy Zoo, more information on science outreach, how Mathematica has changed, and the importance of Linux. I've also just listened to the 5th installment, where they talk about how iTunes is noticing an increase in listeners (I don't listen via iTunes – does my download count for you guys somewhere? 🙂 ), how web services and the Embrace project are good things, and detail some of the things going on with the Elsevier grand challenge. Enjoy!

(P.S. A final thanks to Dan over at Eridanus for the head's up: I had only made it through the first couple C2C podcasts – without the IM with him this morning, it would probably been another week before I managed to catch up. Vacation is great, but sometimes it means you come back to a lot of backlog!)

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