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From WordPress to Vox and back again

From 2007 – April 2009 I have been posting on Vox, but have found it unacceptable for a number of reasons, and have come back to WordPress. Vox doesn’t allow proper analytics of the pages, and doesn’t allow proper trackbacks, and has problems with embedding any javascript or other code.

All posts from that time are still on Vox, but I won’t be adding any new posts there from now on. I used this tool to convert the RSS feed from Vox (which doesn’t include comments, unfortunately) into Moveable Type. From there, I could import the posts directly into wordpress. I know this means that the posts originally from Vox will be present in two locations, but I thought it best that my “active” blog contains an entire history. Some notes about the conversion process.

  1. Comments have not been copied.
  2. Tags are, by default, copied as Categories. However, the very useful “Category to Tags” converter within WordPress was very useful for this.

So, please visit me here rather than at Vox from now on – Thanks!

Research Blogging

Using WordPress Again

Well, it’s been almost an entire year since I started using Vox (see my vox website). I’ve come to the conclusion that it is absolutely fantastic for

  • having easy-to-use privacy settings
  • getting relatives started in the whole blogging thing who haven’t necessarily done anything similar before.

However, there were some major drawbacks:

  • it didn’t have much of the nerdy, geeky functionality that I want
  • wasn’t as customizable as I wanted
  • is a bit slow
  • no stats!
  • no easy-to-download backups

How I used it was this: all work-related posts were marked completely public, while any other posts and photos were marked as friends & family only. This essentially allowed me to have two blogs in one site: one where I can say inane things that my family & friends may choose to read or ignore, as they see fit, and a second “professional” site where I try to be a little more structured. I am still using it now for both of these reasons, and wouldn’t have even bothered posting again on this almost-anniversary on WordPress (even though in most other ways, WordPress is a better blog system) if it hadn’t been for I wanted to post my take on various peer-reviewed journal articles I was interested in, but when I tried to do it on Vox,’s scavenger/indexer simply couldn’t handle how Vox deals with embedded HTML.

So, even though I don’t wish to separate out my content onto two blogs, for now I have no choice but to put all of my posts marked with the BPR logo on WordPress, while everything else remains on Vox. Not ideal, and very shortly I may make this my exclusive work blog, with the other being my personal blog.

I hope the posts that follow on this website are up to the effort I’ve put in to get them visible to the ResearchBlogging aggregator. But please remember that you can still look at all my other public posts on